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The End of the NRFP

By Greg Thelen Hello, everybody.  It’s me, the actual writer of all of these joke articles on the NRFP.  I’m sad to say that this is end of the road for the NRFP.  There will be no more stories after now. This fake news site started out as an idea to expand the world of Amanda Green, SIA.  Back in 2012, I had big, grand ideas for that comic and how to flesh out that… Read More

Dr. Amazing Frees Scientists from Adhesive Via Alternate Dimension

By Muffy Borgeron The three scientists stuck in the adhesive, KR-1078, for the past several months have finally been freed thanks to Dr. Amazing and an alternate dimension. Scientists Carl Michaelson, Denise Detroit, and Margo Doll were caught in an experiment gone wrong several months ago while testing out the new adhesive designated KR-1078.  While being stuck in the adhesive, in awkward, uncomfortable positions, they’ve been cared for by service robots, and they’ve even continued… Read More

LA Gridlock: The Amazings End the Gridlock with Pocket Dimension But Can’t Close the Breach

By Buffy Bolivar LOS ANGELES – After what seems like months of strife, the original Amazings have ended the gridlock that turned the Greater Los Angeles area into a dozens of nations. “It was a bit more difficult than I thought,” said Dr. Amazing.  “There were so many vehicles blockading roads and intersections, so we couldn’t just unclog them.  Where would we put the vehicles?  Anywhere we put them would just let the whole thing… Read More

Michelle Meyers Pleads Guilty to All Charges

By Falco Rockbert In a court hearing this morning, Michelle Meyers pleaded guilty to all charges set against her, including kidnapping, conspiracy, and false endangerment. Meyers, the former Channel 9 News reporter, pleaded guilty to kidnapping a female associate of Adonis several weeks ago.  She also admitted to hiring 7 supervillains to pretend to capture here so that Adonis would “save” her from them.  Court documents show that Meyers and Adonis had a relationship that… Read More

Martin A. Martian Buys Vegas Casino After False Accusations of Cheating

By Buffy Bolivar LAS VEGAS – After an incident last week at the Rio Hotel & Casino that Martian-Americans supposedly cheated at blackjack using their non-existent “Martian powers,” Martin A. Martian, a Martian-American, has bought that casino. After oil companies bought their land in North Dakota, many Martian-Americans came to Las Vegas to celebrate, and they won a lot of money at the blackjack tables at the Rio.  The casino became suspicious and had them… Read More

’97 Tiger Woods Stuck Here Due to What Present Tiger Did at Augusta National

By Dash Hamley NEW YORK – Apparently, the ’97 Tiger Woods is stuck here in the present because of the message Present Tiger snuck to him at Augusta National. A couple weeks ago, the “Tiger vs. Tiger” match got underway at the famous Augusta National golf course, and the widely advertised event drew in millions of views and billions of dollars.  The match was set up to prevent each Tiger from meeting each other.  As… Read More

Project INFINITY Returns Home Early, Surprising Everyone

By Chase Chapley Surprising everyone at ATOM Labs, the Project INFINITY team returned home early after a string of terrible alternate dimensions with the final straw being a world where Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Project INFINITY was scheduled to return in another three months after exploring 100 alternate dimensions.  The New Romford Free Press has been running pieces from Tarani Kapoor’s journal about their experiences.  But the team returned yesterday… Read More