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Future Farm Tower One Complete

by Packie Williams

fftowerwebFuture Farm, Tower One, is completed and open for business according to Martin Grainger, a.k.a. Dr. Amazing.  The 120-floor skyscraper is the first of five structures in Heights Park.  It is a project funded by billionaire industrialist Thomas McDowell and designed by Dr. Amazing aimed at producing food for the city of New Romford by using limited space.

“One of the greatest challenges we as humanity will have to face,” said Dr. Amazing, “is being able to feed everyone as our population grows.  As we have expanded outwards, our farmland is being devoured, so we have to build farms up instead of out.”

The project started construction five years ago after several false starts due to land usage and funding issues.  Thomas McDowell stepped in to fund the entire project after approaching Dr. Amazing himself.

“I heard of the Doctor’s vision,” said McDowell, “and I wanted to help in any way that I could.  It took some doing to get the funding in place because I knew this project would help out so many people.  Now, I’m so happy to see it up and running.”

Tower One will produce corn, wheat, rice, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes for the majority of the floors while herbs and spices will take up fewer levels.  The atrium will raise cattle, pigs, and chickens.  Several floors will also be used for research and development, though Dr. Amazing won’t disclose what he is researching.

Dr. Amazing hopes to harvest his crops in five to six months.  “It’ll depend on how quickly they grow,” he said.  “We have a special fertilizer that should speed up the process, but we’ll see how that goes.”  Asked if this was the same fertilizer that turned the then-infant Jacob Park and his dog Nipper into 50-foot giants last year that resulted in the destruction of Essex Town, the Doctor gave no comment.

Towers Two to Five are still currently in construction.  They are expected to open one at a time over the next several years.