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Adonis Saves Michelle Meyers From the Master of Disaster…Again

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By Falco Rockbert

adonismichellewebIntrepid reporter, Michelle Meyers, was saved, yet again, from the Master of Disaster while investigating a story in the Warehouse District.  This was the third time Meyers has been saved by Adonis this month.

The Master of Disaster was purportedly stealing ATOM Lab technology when he and his crew spotted Meyers snooping around the area.  She was captured by the MoD and tied up over a trash compactor, seemingly about to fall to her death.  Naturally, Adonis swooped in to save her at the last minute and took care of the MoD and his crew.  No one could offer an explanation why no one shot Meyers with their guns when they found her.

Adonis and Meyers waited for the police to show up.  “I think Ms. Meyers has had enough excitement for one day,” said Adonis as he flew away with the reporter in his arms.  Meyers refused to comment.

This incident continues the long, storied history between Adonis and Meyers.  Getting into trouble, only to be saved by New Romford’s Favorite Son, is a regular occurrence.  So far, this marks the twenty-eighth save.