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Atlantis-Peace Force Meeting Set for Tomorrow

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By Stan Hopewell

MornThe final touches are being made at the Peace Force Headquarters today as the annual Atlantis-Peace Force Meeting will take place all day tomorrow.  Members of Congress and the State Department have arrived in New Romford, and the majority of the Peace Force has been seen in and around the PFHQ.

Adonis, leader of the Peace Force, is hoping that the meetings will be productive.  “King Morn A’Ganor and I go way back, so hopefully that means we can move forward on a lot of issues,” he said.  “Considering what happened last year, there can’t be much worse that could happen.”

Last year’s meeting was infamous for the brawl between King Morn’s army and the Peace Force which blew several holes through PFHQ.  The fight spilled outside before eventually ending in Winston Bay when it was discovered that the King and his army were being mind-controlled by the supervillain, Mind Master.  Reportedly, he was trying to impress Jodie Foster.  The meeting ended before it even got started, and no issues were discussed.

This year, barring any mind-controlled fights, the topics will be centered around water pollution levels, particularly the oil spills in the Gulf Region, trade routes, and the possibility of an underwater highway from New Romford to Atlantis.  Pollution levels and trade routes have been a staple of these meetings ever since the first one took place over 40 years ago, but the proposed Atlantis Underway is a new topic that will surely get a lot of talk tomorrow.

“In theory it sounds like a great idea,” said Senator Mike Saluzzi.  “It’d be like the Chunnel between England and France, and it’d be a direct path to trade with the Atlanteans, and a lot better than the way we currently do it [which is a series of “drop-up” points where barges are tied to balloons inflated with air pumped from the surface].  I mean, we could just send a train down there and back without having to worry about the conditions above the water.  But of course, this would be an enormous project.  There are so many details that need to be ironed out.”

Still, Saluzzi and other U.S. officials sounded optimistic going into the meetings.  The Atlanteans are expected to arrive in the morning.