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Mysterious Thefts Plague Dukes

By Packie Williams

On the east end of Dukes, residents are mystified about a rash of thefts that have plagued their borough.  From Cloonyn to the University District to Gray Hills, residents are finding their valuables gone with no apparent signs of a break-in.

“I was just checking up on some bonds in my personal safe,” said Cloonyn resident Al Shapiro, “and after I opened it, it was there and then it wasn’t.  I know that doesn’t make any sense, but it was like someone was behind me and took them.”  The NRPD checked for fingerprints or other clues and came up empty.

Similar home thefts were reported in the wealthy neighborhood of August Hills.  At least a dozen residents have lost jewelry, cash, and even gold from their personal safes over the past couple weeks.  What’s even stranger is that their home security cameras show no signs of intruders.  But there appears to be tampering with the camera footage, and only the residents know where their camera’s hard drives are located.

“I keep mine in a secure location,” said Janice Roberts.  “Only me and my husband know where it is, and the password, and he’s been on a business trip in London for the past month.  I’m at my wits’ end trying to figure out how anyone could do this.”

Other than tampered security footage, the police have no leads.  So far there have been 19 reported incidents across Dukes, all following a similar pattern.  Residents are urged to keep track of their valuables on a daily basis, invest in motion sensors, and if necessary, hide their valuables someplace where only they can access.