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Atlantis-Peace Force Meeting to Begin at 9am

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By Stan Hopewell

MornThe Atlantis-Peace Force Meeting is set to start in an hour, and downtown New Romford is abuzz with activity.  The NRPD has barricaded Trevor Rd, 31st St, and 4th Ave to make a clear path for the Atlanteans.  Adonis, Titana, and Dr. Amazing are waiting at the docks to greet King Morn A’Ganor and his Royal Circle, along with Senator Saluzzi and Secretary of State Clinton.  The rest of the Peace Force is waiting at PFHQ.

Adonis and Titana could not be reached for comment, but Dr. Amazing was able to step away for a few moments.  “I think we can expect a thorough and engaging discussion today,” he said.  “King Morn is a very smart man and always has the best and brightest in his Circle, so I predict a spirited discussion.”

Asked about the possibility of the Atlantis Underway, Dr. Amazing was excited but subdued.  “This would be an amazing project.  So many ideas and goods could be exchanged with this, but unfortunately, it’s also an expensive endeavor.  We’ll have to see how the government and Atlanteans approach it and go from there.”

Behind the police barricades are hundreds of onlookers and Atlantean fans, waiting for a glimpse of the Visitors from Down Below.  Several of them are dressed up in Atlantean clothing, some are holding up signs they’ve made (some written in Atlantean), and everyone has their phone or camera out.

But not everyone is so excited.  Most of the store keepers along Trevor Rd grumbled about the intrusion.  “I have to deal with this every year,” said Sal Coulton.  “Nobody wants to buy my seafood when they’re around.  Everybody thinks it’s their cousins or something.  But guess what?  They eat fish, too.”

In the rest of New Romford, it’s business as usual when the Atlanteans emerge.  “There’s always something like this going around town,” said Julie McCalister, owner of Floral Dreams, just a few blocks off the barricaded roads.  “Yesterday, it was bug people.  Today, it’s fish people.  I’m sure tomorrow will be some other kind of people.

“Nothing we can do about it, so we just carry on.  Just another day in New Romford.”