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King Morn A’Ganor Greeted at Docks

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By Stan Hopewell

A little after 9am, the Atlanteans arrived at pier 34 as the M’ranic surfaced from Winston Bay.  Several Atlantean troops, wearing the country’s patented SCOBA devices around their gilled necks, exited the giant ship to form a royal procession for their king.

Morn A’Ganor, along with his wife, Rosn’elia, exited the M’ranic to greet Adonis and Titana.  They had a small conversation at the pier, and then greeted Mayor Lawrence and the U.S. officials before entering their limousine with some of their Royal Circle.  As the limousine drove down Trevor Rd, King Morn and Queen Rosn’elia waved to the onlookers behind the police barricades.

The rest of the Royal Circle joined the U.S. officials in their limousines and proceeded to follow the royal couple.  Adonis and Titana flew away to PFHQ while Dr. Amazing wrapped his arms around two light posts and slingshot himself into the air in the form of a bouncing ball.

The remaining Atlanteans stayed with the M’ranic.  More to come later today from PFHQ.