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PFHQ Abuzz with Activity

By Stan Hopewell

The Peace Force-Atlantis Meeting has gotten underway at Peace Force Headquaters.  The Royal Circle is talking with their counterparts in the U.S. cabinet and state department over hors d’oeuvres in the main hall.  Various members of the Peace Force are chatting with the Atlanteans as well, but Adonis, Titana, and Secretary of State are separated on the balcony with the royal couple.

The press has been allowed to wander around as this opening hour is left open to the public.  So far, most of the Atlanteans have kept their conversations with reporters brief as many of them aren’t fluent in English.  Aja N’jorna, who is part of the Atlantean city project council, was the best English speaker of the Royal Circle and most open to comment.

“I believe much good can be done today,” she said.  “Our benevolent King Morn is wise and honorable, and the Peace Force is great force for good.”  Asked about whether she thought the Atlantis Underway could be built, she said, “Yes, I think it can.  Atlantis has wonderful engineers, and you overlanders have the great Dr. Amazing.  There is none reason we cannot build it.”

After an hour of mingling, Adonis and King Morn called for everyone’s attention from the balcony.  Adonis said, “Thank you everyone for coming.  It is always a great pleasure to have our friends, the Atlanteans, here in our home.”  He spoke for another few minutes, greeting specific members of the Royal Circle, and offered the King a chance to speak.

“You overlanders have been most gracious to us this day,” said King Morn, “and I thank you.”

Adonis thanked everyone again and encouraged the press to hang around the main hall until later in the day.  Then, the Peace Force, Atlanteans, and U.S. officials retreated into various hallways and rooms for their meetings.

More information to come throughout the day.