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First Meetings Wrapping Up

By Stan Hopewell

The first meetings are wrapping up at around 1pm as U.S. officials, Peace Force members, and Atlanteans are trickling into the main hall of PFHQ.  The meetings are taking a break for lunch as the Peace Force has laid out a five-star buffet of American and French dishes along with several Atlantean dishes.  The royal couple was not present.

Reporters were allowed to ask questions after a half-hour lunch.  Senator Jan Holloway wasn’t able to go into too many details but stated that progress was being made.  “Mostly, we’ve been discussing pollution levels so far,” she said.  “We’ve got our numbers, and they have theirs.  Not much has been done just yet.”

Peace Force member Cloudwalker reiterated much of the same.  “Most of the meetings have been preliminary,” he said.  “We’re getting all of our facts together.  There’s nothing more I can say at the moment, but I feel we’ve started on the right foot.”

The Atlanteans seem hopeful for their part as well, though understanding their broken English is difficult at times.  The general mood, though, is one of hopeful progress that will continue on throughout the day and onward to Washington tomorrow where King Morn will meet with the President.

At roughly 2:15 pm, everyone went back inside to continue the meetings.  Reportedly, King Morn and his wife had live octopi brought to them so they could kill the creatures themselves as is their custom.

More to come later today.