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Lightning Bug Arrested; Meetings Back to Business

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By Stan Hopewell

Reports are coming in that Speedster has apprehended the Lightning Bug and turned him over to the NRPD.  While no Peace Force members or Atlanteans seemed worried about it, attendees couldn’t help but think of last year’s incident with the Mind Master.

Regardless, the attendees took a break from the meetings during the incident just to be sure.  “Well, we got to a certain point in the talks when the news broke about Speedster,” said Senator Holloway.  “I was here last year for the meetings, and everyone, American and Atlantean, started looking at each other a little strangely.  But taking a break certainly helped ease any worries.”

As for progress made, no one was willing to say much.  “We made progress, sure,” said Senator Saluzzi.  “Things got stalled by the news, but I think we’re going to make progress on trade routes.”  Saluzzi couldn’t confirm if talks on the proposed Atlantis Underway had started.

With Lightning Bug in police custody, the break ended, and attendees returned to their meetings.  Not much was said, but rumors are popping up about an alternative to the Underway.  More information when it becomes available.