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The Bette Midler Show Dances Into the Morning

By Muffy Borgeron

The Bette Midler Show rolled into the Tom Foreman Opera House last night at 7pm and lasted into the early hours of the morning.  Midler’s fans have been getting their money’s worth at her one-woman show across the country thanks to the cybernetic legs she got last year.

“These new legs have been remarkable!” said Midler.  “I could stand on them all day and never get tired.  It’s fantastic!”

On New Year’s Eve in 2004, Midler was caught in an unusual helicopter accident where the aircraft landed on her legs.  Initially, she was left a paraplegic, but last year, she was one of the first citizens to get cybernetic prosthetics.  They are more reliable than normal prosthetics, and they allow the user to sense touch, heat, and cold.  And they never get tired.

The Bette Midler Show has been touring the country for the past two months to rave reviews.  Midler, according to her fans and critics, seems to have more energy onstage.  The song-and-dance production started out in New York as a three-hour show, but it has quickly sprawled out to five hours with Midler chatting with audience members, doing acrobatics, and breaking concrete bricks with her cybernetic legs.

“I’ve never done anything like this,” said Midler, “but I have these robot legs, so I have to give my fans something amazing!”