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Michelle Meyers Rescued Again by Adonis

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By Falco Rockbert


File photo of Michelle Meyers being rescued by Adonis from the Master of Disaster.

Michelle Meyers was taken hostage by the supervillain Keymaster last night and was rescued, yet again, by Adonis.

Details of the incident are still sketchy, but Meyers, reporter for the New Romford Sentinel, was at her desk writing a story on a white collar crime ring in the Gramercy Tower.  The story alleges several high level bankers and hedge fund managers were embezzling money and funneling it to various supervillian organizations.  Keymaster, using his mastery of keys, snuck into the Sentinel’s offices and abducted Meyers.

Keymaster took Meyers to the top of Gramercy Tower, 14 blocks away, and held her over the edge of the building.  Despite having a sword and a pair of daggers at his disposal, Keymaster dropped Meyers, allowing her to plummet towards the ground.

Adonis saved her, of course, and quickly defeated Keymaster with his laser vision.  Why Keymaster decided to dispose of Meyers by falling rather than by his blades could not be determined, but Meyers was grateful for the save nonetheless.  “I guess I just get caught by the dumb supervillains,” she said.  “Now I got a story to write.”

Adonis would not comment on the matter.  This marks his twenty-ninth save of Meyers.