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‘We Will Stop Her’

By Chase Chapley

The Peace Force has finally released a statement on the “Dino-Day” incident.  It reads as follows:

The Peace Force, while affected by the Dinosaur Queen’s magic, is working on how to best stop her evil plot.  Many of our members have either grown too small or too large to use their powers effectively without causing more harm than good.  Our greatest minds are formulating a way to both stop the Dinosaur Queen and to safely reverse her magic.

We have not faced this type of scheme before, so please remain calm.  We will stop her.  In the meantime, stay with your friends and family.  Work with your neighbors.  Most importantly, stay safe.

Thank you.

So far there has been no sighting of Adonis, Titana, or any other Peace Force member.  No word has come from any of the Amazings, whose tower was taken over by the Dinosaur Queen.  Without further knowledge, it’s impossible to say what types of dinosaurs they have transformed into, if at all.  It’s also impossible to say how growing “too small or too large” has affected their powers since many of their powers are based within relation to their human sizes.  If Adonis were 100 feet tall, how much stronger would he be, for instance?

Until then, it’d be best to heed their advice.  Stay safe.

More to come.