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Bridges Clogged or Collapsed

By Chase Chapley

Reports are coming in from across downtown that bridges across the Winston and Plymton Rivers are clogged with stagnant cars or have collapsed altogether.

Since the dinosaur transformation happened during the afternoon, the bridges were heavily populated, especially along the freeways and the main thoroughfares of 4th Ave, 16th Ave, Washington Ave, and Main St.  I’m getting conflicting reports, but they all seem to be impassable for various reasons.  Either stagnant cars have clogged the bridges, or a transformation into a gigantic dinosaur has crushed the bridge.  The 4th Ave bridge, one of the old bridges in New Romford, has collapsed, according to several dozen people I’ve spoken to near the courthouse.  I haven’t seen it personally, but there is a plume of dust or smoke rising from that general direction.

I’ve also heard reports of several smaller bridges downtown have collapsed but have not been able to confirm them.  This includes the Bay Road Bridge, the Judith Bridge (25th Ave), and the Atomic Age Bridge (Romford Way).  These could just be rumors, but proceed with caution.  I don’t know what the maximum weight some of these older bridges can hold, and with our increased sizes, it’s possible enough of us could break them.

Interestingly, the Hard Light Bridge (8th Ave) is still standing (or so I’ve heard), and it is supposed to hold several megatons of weight.  Although it runs on electricity from a generator inside Grainger Tower, which is currently under the Dinosaur Queen’s control.  Please proceed with caution if you decide to cross it.