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Dino Army Guarding Hard Light Bridge

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By Chase Chapley

For those asking, yes, I am receiving many photos right now, but I am being selective as to which ones I post.  One, many of them aren’t very clear in what they’re depicting (even when I have descriptions).  Two, some were corrupted during transmission, so they’re incomplete or distorted.  Three, the most important reason, I have to assume that the Dinosaur Queen is reading this (or has someone to watch this site).  Some photos have possibly compromising shots of the Dino Army, and they have distinguishing landmarks or buildings in the background.  These could lead to serious immediate trouble for the photographer and the people in that neighborhood.  Rest assured, I have forwarded these to more proper channels, but I don’t want anyone to get hurt by the Dino Army.

That being said, I will post a photo of the Dino Army guarding the Hard Light Bridge in Riverfront Park.  Since it’s out in the open, it’s not a good spot to hide anything.  Also, if you were planning on trying to cross it, now would not be a good time.

Keep safe, and keep sending in your photos.  They are getting to me.