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Peace Force Seen Flying to Grainger Tower

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By Chase Chapley

Moments ago, members of the Peace Force, who were also transformed into dinosaurs, flew over Downtown and entered Grainger Tower.

At first, I thought I was seeing things when a dinosaur flew overhead.  It seemed like a pterodactyl or some other flying dinosaur.  But it didn’t have wings.  It went so fast that I didn’t get a good look at it.  I asked a colleague who was standing next to me if he saw it, too.  We both agreed that we saw something, but today being what it was, who could say exactly what.

Then we saw four more wingless dinosaurs fly overhead, and then it was clear.  This was the Peace Force.  Five of them at least.  One of them was glowing yellow, so maybe that was Cloud Walker.  It’s impossible to tell who was who, but it was clear that the Peace Force was taking the fight to the Dinosaur Queen.

Everyone in my vicinity cheered, the happiest they had been all day.  I must admit to being relieved as well.  It had been hours since we were all transformed, and if we non-powered humans could move around just fine, then surely the Peace Force could as well.  I wonder if the Dinosaur Queen did something to trap them.

But as soon as the crowd cheered, the Dino Army started harassing us.  A few shoves and snarls here and there mostly, but now, I can hear a fight underway one block away from me.  About three or four people are in an altercation with several Dino Army raptors and a T-Rex.  This feels like a riot is about to break out.

More to come.