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Riot Breaks Out on 24th Street

By Chase Chapley

A riot broke out on 24th Street moments after five members of the Peace Force flew overhead to Grainger Tower.

When people cheered for the Peace Force, the atmosphere was jubilant and rowdy.  Several people taunted the Dino Army raptors and T-Rexes, which led to an altercation.  They started fighting, and people joined in against the Army.  More raptors and T-Rexes entered the fray and further escalated into a riot.

Hundreds of people poured into the street and began attacking the Dino Army.  A pair of brachiosauruses was called in and quickly leveled everyone and everything in their way with a few sweeps of their gigantic armored tails.  This destroyed the fronts of several buildings and even broke the pavement underneath their feet.

People jumped onto the brachiosauruses and attempted to bite into their sides.  A few managed to bite them, but they were easily brushed off.  When they shook the people free from their backs, the brachiosauruses began stomping on the people.

More of the Dino Army entered the riot, this time from the sky, dropping small explosives onto the people.  This eventually dispersed the crowd.  The Army, now with space to move, viciously assaulted any and everyone in their paths.  The people began to retreat once a Dino Army T-Rex ripped out the throat of another (human) T-Rex.  The raptors swarmed the remaining masses, and the riot died down after nearly 30 minutes of mayhem.

I don’t have the words to describe what I just saw.  Many people just died.  I won’t even speculate how many.  The worst part was how easily the Dino Army won this battle.  They were clearly outnumbered.  It didn’t matter.  They overpowered us, and people died.

Do not engage the Dino Army for any reason.  Find somewhere safe and stay there.  We can only hope that the Peace Force can end this madness.