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Attacked by Human Dinosaurs

By Chase Chapley

My colleagues and I have moved several blocks away from the business district, but even here, the tension is high.  We were just going to sit down and find something to eat, being careful to not raise suspicion among the Dino Army, when we were attacked.

A group of people, including an Allosaurus and some smaller carnivorous dinosaurs that I didn’t get a good look of, jumped us in an alleyway.  They were yelling, “Food,” and they roared.

The Allosaurus bit the tail plates of my colleague, who is a Stegosaurus.  He was able to fight him off with his plates, gashing the assailant’s face with the pointy tips at the end of his tail.  Two of the smaller dinosaurs attacked my colleague, who is an Ankylosaurus.  They jumped onto her back but were unable to penetrate her skin due to her armored back.  They tried flipping her onto her stomach, but she just fell to the ground and stayed there until they eventually left.  A bird-like dinosaur bit my own feathered wing (by what I can tell, I’m a Utahraptor) and tore off a bunch of feathers.  I somehow dodged its bites and managed to stab my talon into its body.

A group of other people, all various dinosaurs, came to our aid and helped to shoo them off, but we were left bruised and bloody.  My Stegosaurus colleague’s tail is still bleeding now though it’s bandaged now.  My right arm hurts more than I ever thought losing some feathers would hurt, and I’m bleeding some myself.  All in all, we are fine if not shaken up.

The group that attacked us didn’t sound or act human.  The only word they spoke was “Food,” and even then it was bathed in a roar and snarl.  Were they just stressed out and hungry?  Or are some people becoming more dinosaur than human?  The Dinosaur Queen’s plan is to eventually turn humanity into dinosaurs for some reason.  If we stay dinosaur too long, will we lose all traces of our humanity?