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Dino Army Arresting People

By Chase Chapley

Right after I posted about being attacked, another group of maybe five or six human dinosaurs started attacking people.  It occurred half-a-block from me, and it was more vicious than what me and my colleagues experienced.  It was so vicious that the Dino Army had to intervene.

The Dino Army attacked worse than the humans, and afterwards, a general T-Rex apparently received orders to round them up.  They huddled the attackers and those who were attacked together and forced them to march down the street.  If they were trying to keep the peace, why would they arrest those who were attacked?

My colleague suggested that the feral humans’ attack may’ve transferred something to the normal humans, and that they didn’t want that to spread.  But if so, why didn’t anyone round us up?  Either they didn’t see us or the order hadn’t been given yet.  Maybe our wounds weren’t as serious.  Our skin wasn’t broken, and the people just now attacked were bitten and slashed by their assailants.

Whatever the case, we didn’t feel safe where we were, so we continued to move.  We don’t have a destination in mind, but it’s getting dark out, and we’re getting hungry.

Off in the distance, I can hear what has to be attacks by more feral humans.  Their cries and roars echoed throughout the city streets, and then they were suddenly cut short with a loud boom.

Wherever you are, watch yourself.  Stay safe.