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Finding Shelter for the Night

By Chase Chapley

As it seemed that night was going to come without the Dinosaur Queen being defeated, my colleagues and I needed to find someplace to sleep for the night.  The people who partied and offered us food also offered us shelter.

Most of them were too big to stay in their apartments, so they pulled out sheets and blankets from their apartments.  A couple of the tall long-necked ones just poked their heads into the apartments and grabbed the linens with their teeth.  They then laid some of the sheets on the wires between buildings to form a makeshift roof while some of the children distributed blankets and pillows they had grabbed themselves.  We thanked them and started to settle in for the night.

Then a couple of gentlemen rolled a couple metal trash cans to a couple spots and started a fire in each of them.  It hadn’t occurred to me yet, but are we warm or cold-blooded?  I know there was some debate amongst scientists about it.  So far, we’ve been moving around like normal (relatively speaking), and that would mean that dinosaurs are warm-blooded, correct?  I’m sure someone will correct me, but regardless, the heat from the fire feels good.

As I’m wrapping this up, some parents are acting out a story to their children, but they’re keeping it down to a reasonably level.  Those kids have no worries about what’s going on right now, and I hope they have nothing to fear tomorrow.