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Morning, Still Dinosaurs

By Chase Chapley

We didn’t get much sleep last night.  I couldn’t get comfortable, and neither could most of the people here.  We’re just not used to sleeping in our dinosaur bodies.  Even so, my colleagues and I thanked our hosts and decided to leave before breakfast.  It felt like no one else slept well either, and we didn’t want to intrude anymore than we already had.

There was an eerie calm out on the streets.  We didn’t see the Dino Army anywhere, but perhaps we had strayed beyond their perimeter.  There were people out, but some had apparently just slept in the streets themselves.  A large 100-foot long dinosaur blocked an intersection, so we had to double back around the block to get around him (or her).  When we began circling the block, we ran into a Dino Army T-Rex on patrol.  Ducking into an alleyway, we waited until he passed us by and then continued.

We didn’t have a plan in mind.  One of my colleagues started talking only in grunts, and I found myself twitching my head around faster than normal and trying to scratch the cement with my talons.  Further down the street, it was clear that other people were changing as well.  People are either roaring and snapping at each other or eating the leaves off of trees and small window plants.  It feels like we’re growing into dinosaurs from the inside now.

Then we turned another corner, and suddenly, there were hundreds of Dino Army officers walking down 16th Avenue, heading towards Grainger Tower.  Something is starting to happen.  There was a lull in the action after the Peace Force entered the Tower and the blue light flashed over our heads.  Did the Peace Force get captured or worse?  If they can’t help us, then who can?