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Last of Dino Army Captured

By Chase Chapley

With the Dinosaur Queen captured, the remaining members of the Dino Army have given themselves up to authorities.  The raptors and T-Rexes went down easily, and the flying members of the Peace Force have been captured the pterodactyls in a net.  The brachiosauruses, though, proved difficult to corral since they are huge.  Dr. Amazing appears to have set up a dimensional portal of some sort, and they went into it with a little prodding from Titana.

The U.S. Army set up supply points at various intersections, providing food, water, and blankets to anyone in need.  The Red Cross has come in and set up medical bays as well.  The Mayor has announced these points for shelter.  Power is still out in many places, and hundreds, if not thousands, of buildings have been destroyed.  It’s going to be months before most structures are safe to reenter.  Also, sanitation is going to be an issue as dinosaur-sized feces are literally everywhere.

It looks like we’ve escaped another disaster, but we’re not out of the woods yet.