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New Romford Mourns, Rebuilds

By Buffy Bolivar

With the Dino-Day Disaster in the past, it’s time for New Romford to rebuild and mourn.

As with most major superhuman events, the city has come to a standstill in the wake of the attack.  Most businesses are closed and will remain so for several weeks or months to come.  The city, National Guard, and Peace Force are helping with the clean-up and rescue effort.  At least 12,000 buildings and 8,000 roads are estimated to have been damaged in some way.  Power, water, sewers, and communications have also been damaged, and it may take weeks before they are fully restored.

This all pales in comparison to the human toll.  City officials put the death toll from the Dino-Day Disaster at 79, and there are still hundreds missing.  Some died at the claws and tail spikes of the Dino Army, but most died simply by being in a structure that wasn’t meant to hold dinosaurs.  One subway worker got stuck in a tunnel and suffocated when he couldn’t escape.  A crew of eight sailors were in Windsor Bay when they all changed, sinking with their boat.  Others died by changing into a large dinosaur while inside a building, damaging its structural integrity.  When they changed back into humans, the building collapsed and crushed them inside.

That said, this is nothing New Romford hasn’t seen or experienced before, and the city has come back from worse disasters.  The New Day attack of 2006 claimed 304 lives, and the Chymeran Incursion of 1976 claimed 543 lives.  New Romford survived and prospered after those disasters, and it will survive and prosper after the Dinosaur Queen’s attack.