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Rescue Marks Meyers’s 30th Adonis Save

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  • Rescue Marks Meyers’s 30th Adonis Save

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By Falco Rockbert

Yet again, Michelle Meyers was rescued by Adonis last night, marking her 30th save by New Romford’s Favorite Son.  It ties the record for most saves of one person by one superhero.

Meyers, formerly of the New Romford Sentinel, now with Channel 9 News, didn’t have much to say about tying the record.  She was held hostage by the Master of Disaster and his henchmen, again, at the Grainger Aerospace Research Facility in Jamestown.  The MoD was apparently trying to steal experimental spaceship materials when Meyers came across them.  They tied her up above an active jet engine and lowered her down towards it.  For some reason, they didn’t use their guns to shoot her.

Just as she was about to be skewered by the engine, Adonis swooped in to save her.  Once she was safe, Adonis went on to defeat the MoD and his henchman in less than a minute.  Meyers and Adonis reportedly had a tense talk afterwards before they flew away.

When asked about the incident this morning, Meyers said, “No comment.”  When asked about tying the record for most saves by one superhero, she laughed and said, “It’s not a record I really want to hold, but it happens, I guess.”

Meyers is currently tied with Judy Jenson, reporter for the New York Times from 1956 to 1981.  She was saved 30 times by the superhero Empire Man.