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New Romford Begins New Promotional Campaign


by Julia Crumpelman

Sensing a need to attract new businesses and residents, the City of New Romford has unveiled a promotional campaign to highlight the good things about living in a city constantly besieged by supervillains.

The campaign, “Life in New Romford,” will distribute posters, billboards, and television, radio, internet, and psychic ads all across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe.  “Understandably,” said Chamber of Commerce Head, Idara Mulholland, “people are hesitant to come to New Romford.  But once you come here and experience the energy for yourself, then you get why this is such a vibrant place to live and work.”

adonisposterMulholland said that the campaign will focus primarily on the East and West Coasts of North America and in Western Europe.  “That’s where the majority of our out-of-town business comes from,” she said.  “Eventually, we want to spread out to Asia once we have the budget for it.”

Three of the posters/billboards will focus on turning the negatives of living in New Romford into positives.  One will feature Dr. Alan Guinness, a.k.a. The Gator, one will feature Adonis saving television reporter, Michelle Meyers, and another will showcase the recent Dino-Day Disaster.  That one was a controversial choice for the campaign.  “I get why people are against it,” Mulholland said.  “It’s such a recent event, but sadly, it’s something that could happen at any moment, and you have to find positives in everything.”

“In order to remain a leader in the national, global, and galactic community,” she continued, “we have to reassure non-New Romforders that life here goes on even when it does get crazy.  We can’t let every supervillain, alien invasion, monster attack, and Frankenstein annexation stop us from following our dreams.”

“And that’s no offense to all the aliens, monsters, and Frankensteins that live here in peace.  We accept all lifeforms in New Romford.”

Some of the posters are available for sale online here.