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Japan Denies ‘Robot Island’ Legitimacy

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By Stan Hopewell

TOKYO – The Japanese government has formally rejected the legitimacy of “Robot Island” as a separate nation in a statement released today.  “Hashima belongs to the State of Japan,” read the statement, “and it unilaterally rejects the secession of Hashima to robots.”

Despite being a leader in robotics, both normal and giant-sized, Japan still holds on to its centuries-old traditions, particularly the human-based ones.  They invented the first robotic armor and perfected cybernetic limbs, but robots and cybernetics are not very common in everyday life in Japan, and giant robot-monster fights are rare.  The only real robotic activity is found in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka, and that’s mostly in a military or university setting.

Still, the declaration of independence of robots and androids has shocked not only Japan but the world.  China and Korea denounced Robot Island’s legitimacy as well, and the similar wording of their official statements to Japan’s shows perhaps a united front.  After all, they are the closest nations to Hashima.

The rest of the world has shown a mixed response.  The United States seemed to be on the fence.  “While we respect the right of every sentient being to self-governance,” said the American statement, “we also respect the right of Japan to govern their people and land.  We hope that both sides can come to an agreement so that they can all live together peacefully.”  Most European nations released similar statements to the United States.

Robotron 8.5, the apparent leader of Robot Island, did not respond, and there has been almost no response from the entire island.  When contacted by a Japanese battleship using signal lamps, all the ship received was a message that read “404” on repeat.