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Kelsey Grammer Insists Everyone Call Him Frasier

By Julia Crumpleman

HOLLYWOOD – In yet another bizarre series of incidents, actor Kelsey Grammer is insisting everyone call him “Frasier” even though he hasn’t played that character since 2004.

While doing an interview with Extra for his new show, Montgomery, Grammer told the reporter, Angela Michaels, several times to call him “Frasier” or “Dr. Crane”.  At first Michaels thought he was joking, but he kept insisting that was his real name.  Michaels became increasingly nervous throughout the interview.  “I didn’t know if he was joking or what,” she said during an in-studio segment after the interview.  “I mean, he was clearly talking about playing his new character in his new show, so it was like he actually thought he was Dr. Frasier Crane.  He just kept saying that was his name.  In all my interviews, I never had felt so uncomfortable.  It was just strange.”

Michaels even showed Grammer a promotional poster of his new show which clearly states “Kelsey Grammer is” over the show’s title.  Grammer was perplexed and said, “But that’s not how you spell ‘grammar’.”

Various people on the set have confirmed that this has been going on for a few weeks.  Most thought it was simply a prank at first, “like he lost a bet,” said one person.  But after several weeks, it became clear that it wasn’t a bet.  “No one has that much commitment to anything off-camera,” said one unnamed source.  “And especially when it has nothing to do with the thing we’re shooting.  I even saw him sign for something once, and he signed it Dr. Frasier Crane like it was something he’s been doing all his life.  First the rakes, now this.”

A month ago, Grammer was hospitalized after stepping on several rakes like his The Simpsons character, Sideshow Bob.  He hasn’t stepped on any more rakes on set since then, but this is yet another strange turn in the life of a veteran actor.

When the NRFP contacted Grammer personally for a comment, he said, “I don’t know why people keep thinking I’m this Kelsey Grammer person.  You have the wrong number,” and then hung up.