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Memorial and Final Funerals

By Buffy Bolivar

President Obama, Mayor Lawrence, Adonis, and several community leaders helmed the memorial service for the victims of the Dino-Day Disaster after the final funeral service.

The death total reached 92 last week, and all missing citizens have been found.  The final funeral service was held this morning for Gabby Martinez, 32, who died in a collapsed building in Frankton.

The memorial service was held at Two Rivers Park, near the World War II Memorial.  Pastor Albert Grinds opened up the service with a prayer and a hymn, and he was followed by several other religious and spiritual leaders.  Adonis followed with a short speech praising the virtues of heroism in the face of evil.  “Robert Plank was a bank teller during the day,” he said, “but when turned into an ankylosaurus and surrounded by the Dino Army, he protected his coworkers and the small children in the daycare next door.  He saved their lives, and it cost him his.  That is true heroism.”

Mayor Lawrence spoke next, promising that New Romford will come back from this tragedy, bigger and better than ever.  Local singer, Shannon McKelvey, sung a song she wrote for the occasion, “Remember the Way”, and then the President ended the memorial with his own speech.

“In this world of monsters and supervillains,” he said, “we cannot back down in fear of what may happen.  We must act in courage and hope, each and every day.  Tragedy will always be around the next corner, but we must be ready to face it when it comes.”

A moment of silence followed the President’s speech, and then the National Guard rang a bell ten times to end the memorial.