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City Council Nixes ‘Micro-Way’ After Mutant Bacteria Attack

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  • City Council Nixes ‘Micro-Way’ After Mutant Bacteria Attack


By Packie Williams

When Daisuke Honda, a.k.a. Micro-Man, set out to demonstrate how his “Micro-Way” would work to the city council, he never envisioned it would go quite like it did today.

microwaywebHonda had been working for years on perfecting the Micro-Ray technology for common use and for everyday applications.  His “Micro-Way,” essentially a miniature subway system, was going to be his first commercial endeavor, and with the streets of New Romford still largely in disarray, he figured now would be the perfect time to implement his dream.

Unfortunately, he didn’t do enough to protect his prototype, and the city council, from mutant bacteria.

This morning, Honda invited the city council to his office at ATOM Labs, where he showed off his prototype.  It was a “Micro-Way” from his office to a park bench just outside of ATOM Labs.  The shrinking process went off without a hitch, and the council members reportedly didn’t feel any ill effects from it.  Once tiny, Honda showed off what a Micro-Station would look like with fake plastic store fronts and two Micro-Trains.  At normal size, this all fit into the area of a shoe box, but at micro-size, it was the size of a normal subway station.

Then, they boarded the Micro-Train and fastened their seat belts.  The trip to the “station” out by the park bench also went off without a hitch, lasting one a couple minutes to make the 200-foot journey.  Honda remarked that the speed of the train can vary depending on express and local trains, and it’d still be easy to install dozens of train lines alongside a single street, and that’s when the mutant bacteria broke into the Micro-Station.

How it got in is still unclear, but Honda grabbed his laser gun and fought them off.  One bacteria swallowed up a council member (who wished to remain anonymous), and Honda had to cut him out with his laser sword.  But the bacteria horde began to overwhelm them and blocked their escape either back to Honda’s office or to the reverse Micro-Ray gate.  They would’ve been killed if it weren’t for the last minute heroics of Krok, who had been hiding in the grass above the station all day.

Together, Krok and Honda were able to defeat the mutant bacteria horde, but the attack ended any hope of the “Micro-Way” becoming a reality anytime soon.  Honda could not be reached for comment, and the city council only remarked that they “would be going in a different direction, probably one where people won’t get swallowed by mutant bacteria.”

Krok grunted and flew away on a dragonfly.