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Asimovia Brings Gifts to Japan Meeting

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By Stan Hopewell

NAGASAKI – Japanese officials met with the leader of Asimovia, Victor Priceworth, and five other delegates from the former “Robot Island” in a private meeting.  Priceworth was dressed in impeccable formal wear, looking as human as robotly possible.  Two of the other delegates were androids about the same size as Priceworth but nowhere nearly as human looking.  They were also wearing formal wear.  The other three were a walking robot from the 60s, a large box computer on wheels, and a sentient toaster.  They were all nude.

Priceworth shook hands with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and introduced his delegates to him.  It even told a joke to Abe, who laughed but seemed to be doing so out of nerves.  The Asimovians brought with them a large crate full of gifts to Japan in another apparent measure of goodwill.  Before Priceworth could uncover the crate, the Japanese military that surrounded the initial meeting raised all of their guns, tanks, and giant man-piloted fighting robots, which had somehow hid themselves behind some trees.  After a brief standoff, Priceworth ensured the humans that this was not a trick.  Abe ordered his men to stand down, but not the giant fighting robots.

Priceworth removed the cover on the crate, slowly, while the sentient toaster hid behind its leg.  On the crate were nearly two tons of concrete.  The Japanese delegates and soldiers didn’t react.  Less than impressed, Abe said something to Priceworth, and it lit up.  It brought out a large chest that was stuck inside the concrete blocks and was about to open it when the military raised their weapons again.  After waving them down, Abe opened the chest himself and found stacks of photos and documents.

The Japanese government has not made it public what the photos and documents were exactly, but Abe seemed either deeply shaken or deeply moved by the chest.  They talked for several minutes about the contents of the chest, and the toaster began to rub up against Abe’s leg.  The two shook hands, and Abe ordered that the chest and concrete be taken away and for the Asimovians to be transported to another location.

Abe and Priceworth left in their own private limousine, accompanied by the toaster, while the other delegates were hauled into a reinforced truck.