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The Telori Go to Gigano to ‘Travel to the Future’

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  • The Telori Go to Gigano to ‘Travel to the Future’

by Karna Firaliz

PLANET GIGANO – After the recent discovery of the Crakosi troop that was stuck on Gigano, who emerged recently still believing that Galactic War 4 was still going on, a business venture is now selling the Telori the chance to “travel to the future” by landing on Gigano for a day or more.

The increased gravity well of Gigano creates a time dilation that slows down time on the planet’s surface.  The speed of time outside of Gigano goes by at its normal pace, due to special relativity, and a decade can pass for every day experienced on Gigano.  While most beings would prefer to steer clear of this gravitational time dilation because they have family and friends, some are more than willing to hurl themselves into the future.

“I’m just ahead of my time,” said Ur Unger, one of the first to sign up for the business venture, which is named Poe Moops after the cofounders.  “I was born in the wrong era.  My consciousness exists on the ethereal plane, and no one here understands me.  I really feel like I need to travel to the future, to a time when my fellow Telori will get me.  Someday, society will accept a relationship between a Telori and a ghost.  It just has to.”

“Oh, I have family and friends,” said Ro Rooger, another first traveler, “but I hate them, so I hope they’re all dead by the time I return.”

Poe Poomwert and Moops Moopley, the cofounders of Poe Moops, bought a section of land on Gigano last month and sent drones to set up a landing site on the surface.  Of course, with the time dilation, they won’t know of any disruptions to the landing site in the centuries that have passed on Gigano, but they’re optimistic that it will still exist by the time they send Telori there.

“We’ve designed those drones ourselves for other planet-colonizing ventures,” said Moops.  “We know they work.  But to be safe, we’re equipping all spaceships with drones to make any repairs if anything has disturbed the original landing site in the intervening years.”

“Most of all,” said Poe, “we saw an opportunity here.  Many Telori want to see what the future holds for us, and they just want to jump into it.  No one wants to wait for future innovations.  Maybe they’ll have personal teleportation machines in the future or a cure for mandible cancer.  That’s so exciting to think about, and some Telori want to see it in their lifetimes.  Now we can.”

Poe and Moops said they will not make the jump themselves as someone has to run the company, and they also said that sending Telori with mandible cancer to the future is too risky at this point as space travel taxes the body too much.