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A Note About the ‘FROGS FROGS FROGS’ Article

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By Chase Chapley

As many of you have no doubt seen, we had an article posted that was entitled “FROGS FROGS FROGS” and consisted of primarily the word “frogs” with a smattering of “GORM”.  I will attempt to explain this bizarre situation to the best of my abilities.

I was placed under a magic spell along with many of my colleagues here in the office.  We assume that the source of the spell was a being named “GORM,” though we’re still waiting on confirmation from the NRPD, ATOM Labs, and the Peace Force.  This name does not appear in our databases of magical beings, but given the fact for three hours “frogs” was the only word we could speak or type, it’s possible any mention of a “GORM” could’ve been wiped away.

We all vaguely remember a battle taking place across the street from our offices involving The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, and we can see signs of battle in the streets.  I’m sure many of you in our part of New Romford, in Shorefront, felt the same feeling as us once you realized that you could only speak or type “frogs”.  From what we can gather, the battle didn’t last near our offices for more than a few seconds before The Magnificent Magician, Magicimo®, and, presumably, GORM teleported away to another realm.

Whatever happened, one of our articles about a different incident was written in all “frogs” and was published to the site.  We can’t remember what the original story was about, and we cannot to delete the “frogs” story either.  Our IT department has tried everything to remove the story—they even tried uploading the base site code without any articles—but to no avail.  It’s probably under a magic spell as well.

So “FROGS FROGS FROGS” will remain a part of this site for the time being.  We’ll tag this story with “frogs” to match the previous story and hope for the best.  We apologize for any confusion.