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Cape Finder Used by Meyers in Kidnapping Case

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By Falco Rockbert

The popular app, Cape Finder, is facing new scrutiny after it was revealed by the NRPD that Michelle Meyers used it to track Adonis and kidnap a woman.

Arturo Studios, the maker of Cape Finder, released the app several months ago as a “fun way to watch superheroes” and to “crowdsource the movements of supervillains”.  Upon its release, several attorneys for superheroes expressed concern over the potential for supervillains to track them and their families.  Now it looks like those concerns have come to pass.

“Ms. Meyers used the app Cape Finder on her phone and her laptop,” read an NRPD statement, “to track the movements of Adonis for the past two months.  She used the pins of other users to specifically target Adonis.  She followed his movements and the movements of the people he was with, using that knowledge to commit her fake rescue encounters and to kidnap a woman in an effort to confront Adonis.  It was integral to her plans.”

Arturo Studios released its own statement, following the police report.  “We’re shocked, dismayed, and offended that someone would use our product in such a destructive manner.  We apologize to Adonis and to the woman who was kidnapped.  This was not the intent of the app, and most people have not used it as such.  Many of our users love it for telling them where to look in the sky for their favorite superheroes.  That being said, we have disabled our servers for the time being while we figure out a way to make our product safer.”

This statement may not save Cape Finder or Arturo Studios.  According the CNET, the app has already been deleted from 50,000 devices in the past two hours.  “So many people are just getting rid of it,” said CNET editor, Marleen Franken.  “And I don’t know how they can retool the product to ‘make it safer’ when the whole point of the app is to track superpeople.”

“You might as well try to get Facebook to stop reading your profile to sell you ads.”