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Old Man at Gas Station Has Been Lying About Abandoned House on the Hill

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  • Old Man at Gas Station Has Been Lying About Abandoned House on the Hill

By Muffy Borgeron

The old man running the gas station on the outskirts of town has been lying about the abandoned house on Hampton Hill for years, authorities said, and there have been no serial killers of any kind in the house.

Stan and Meryl Thompson own the property at 2453 Hampton Hill Road and have been trying to sell it for the past 8 years.  The gas station is at the corner of Highway 38 and Carter Road, which connects to Hampton Hill Road one mile down, and due to the remote nature of the house, many people inquire at the gas station to find it.  The Thompsons have had many interested buyers, but for some reason, they never made it to the house for a showing.

“We could never figure it out,” said Stan Thompson.  “You can find the house in Google Maps.  We’d be waiting at the house to show people the house, and they never showed up.  We called them, and they suddenly weren’t interested anymore.  It was crazy.”

After a few teenagers broke into the house last week, the Thompsons found out why.  According to a lawsuit from the Thompsons, Jerry Urlacher, 78, has been working at the gas station for the past 10 years, and he’s been telling people that the house was “abandoned” and “was haunted by various serial killers.”  Urlacher would “go into graphic detail of the supposed serial killers and their methods with the intent to scare off prospective buyers for our home.”

According to the lawsuit, Urlacher “played up the haunted nature of the house to anyone who would listen, including teenagers, with the purpose of creating an urban legend he hoped would tarnish the image of the house even before anyone expressed interest in buying the house.”

Eventually, four teenagers broke into the house to find the non-existent serial killers.  The teenagers busted in the front door, armed with baseball bats, tasers, and a crossbow.  They explored the entire property and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.  After spending a night in the house during a thunderstorm, the teenagers were met with nothing.  Upset, they went back to the gas station to complain and got into an argument with Urlacher, who denied making it up.  It was after this argument that one of the teenagers called the Thompsons to tell them about Urlacher and his stories.

“It made so much sense once we found out,” said Stan Thompson.  “Urlacher used to be a groundskeeper for us until we fired him for drinking on the job.  We didn’t even know he worked at the gas station.”

Urlacher denied the allegations in the lawsuit.  For now, the Thompsons are not taking any legal action against the teenagers who broke into their house.