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Legion of Adonis Returns to Defeat Dragons in England

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By Stan Hopewell

LONDON – The Legion of Adonis returned to our universe last night to battle dragons which had invaded our dimension for unknown reasons.

Twenty-three Adonises from parallel universes and our very own Adonis joined battle for the first time in eight years.  The Adonis from Earth-477, a magic user, was apparently beating back an army of dragons in his dimension when they grabbed one of his magic staffs.  Then, they started hopping to other dimensions.  Earth-477 Adonis pursued them, but as the dragon army grew with dragons from other Earths, he had to reform the Legion.

The battle spilled over to our Earth in the woods of England.  Our Adonis was contacted by Earth-1,022 Adonis, the robot Adonis, and quickly flew to join his other selves.  When our Adonis entered the fray, hundreds of dragons were burning the countryside.  Five Adonises were trying to stop the dragons while another two were trying to contain the fires.  The rest of the dragons and Legion were in other dimensions but engaging in similar battles.

Earth-24,044 Adonis, the ape Adonis, was the heaviest hitter of the bunch on our planet, and that’s no small feat considering there were seven other Adonises in the area.  He was able to down half of the dragons all by himself, while the others took down the rest.  At various points in the battle, all the dragons and Adonises were sucked into another dimension, and reportedly, all twenty-four Adonises fought the lead dragon together in the final battle.  Thankfully, no civilians were injured in the battle, but hundreds of houses, farms, and roads were destroyed.

The reason for the dragons’ attacks were not revealed to the public, though sources inside the Peace Force mentioned a magical amulet in Earth-34 being a possible target.  The amulet used to reside in Earth-477 but was now in Earth-34, again for unknown reasons.  Given that Earth-477 Adonis’s magic staff requires precision magics to use, the dragons probably didn’t know how to hop to Earth-34.  Earth-477 Adonis came to suck the dragons back to another dimension where they wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

The seven Adonises that appeared on our Earth were robot Adonis (Earth-1,022), ape Adonis (Earth-24,044), Egyptian Adonis (Earth-788), two white female Adonises (Earth-2 and Earth-90), one black female Adonis (Earth-3), and Mole Man Adonis (Earth-2,033).