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Past-Present Tiger Woods Golf Match Set Despite Warnings from Scientists

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By Dash Hamley

NEW YORK – Despite warnings from scientists that a time anomaly might occur, the PGA has set a one-on-one golf match between the two Tiger Woods.

The match is set for one week from today at Augusta National Golf Course, home of the Masters Tournament, the most prestigious major tournament in golf and site of Woods’s first major win in 1997.  Tickets have already been sold out to the match, and ABC has secured the broadcast rights.

But the meeting doesn’t come without potential danger.  Scientists and the International Time Court have warned that it’s unsafe for the two Woods to meet since ’97 Woods came to the present through a makeshift time machine made with unknown parts.  Time machines need to be calibrated just correctly or else disaster.

“Tachyons are the particles that govern an atom’s movement through time,” said Dr. Amazing.  “It’s pretty complicated and heady stuff, but the gist of it is that time machines work by manipulating tachyons to flow forward or backward in time.  You’re essentially pulling those tachyons out of place and then putting them back into place, hopefully correctly.  If you don’t, the atoms become unstable, and regarding people, if the same person from different timelines coexist close enough, that could cause both to cease to exist, and I mean in the past as well as the present.  It’ll be like they never existed.”

The PGA said they have a team of scientists examining ’97 Woods and the time machine that brought him here for just such an occurrence, and they said they’re confident nothing will happen.  But just to be safe, they plan on keeping the two Woods separated by at least 100 feet at all times.

“Well, that’s fine,” said Dr. Amazing, “but why is he allowed to stay in the present?  I get everyone wants to see this golf game, but even if nothing happens, he’s still seen the future.  He’s already seen that the World Trade Center is gone and smart phones and so on.  He’s already seen himself in the future.  What happens when we send him back to his own time?  That’s going to reset the timestream!”

The International Time Court is also concerned, and they’ve requested that Clancy McCarver, a.k.a. The Disruptor, be handed over to their jurisdiction.  They are reportedly working on a solution to return Tiger Woods to 1997 right after he arrived in the present.

The PGA would not comment on that matter.