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Michelle Meyers Charged with Kidnapping, Conspiracy, False Endangerment

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meyersBy Falco Rockbert

The former Channel 9 News reporter, Michelle Meyers, has been formally charged with kidnapping and 18 counts of both conspiracy and false endangerment

Weeks ago, Meyers kidnapped a woman described by the District Attorney, Jonathan Colbert, as “an associate of Adonis.”  Meyers did not harm the woman, but her confrontation with Adonis did lead the NRPD to investigate her other illegal activities.  These consist of paying supervillains to “capture” her so that Adonis would then save her.  A past romantic relationship between them is speculated as the reason for her behavior.

Since the 1930s, several superheroes have been known as Adonis, and almost all of them have had a female journalist as a love interest.  The reason for this is unknown, but Meyers was the current love interest for this generation’s Adonis, and she had previously broken the record for most saves by one superhero.  The first love interest of Adonis was Janice McManis, which was the name Meyers used to rent the van involved in the kidnapping.

The NRPD and Peace Force continue to investigate the supervillains Meyers had hired for the false captures.  Most have been cooperative in supplying information about her activities, but the NRPD and Peace Force are looking into where the money went after Meyers paid them.

Meyers has been kept in her own private wing of County Jail as she awaits her next court hearing in the next week or two.  Altogether, the charges set against her, if found guilty, would send Meyers to prison for the next 40-50 years.