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Dinosaur Queen’s Trial Pushed Back

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By Chase Chapley

NEW YORK – Dinosaur Queen’s trial, which was expected to begin next week, is being pushed back another two months as federal prosecutors and the State Department determine her legal status for her attack on New Romford.

Dinosaur Queen has been imprisoned in an undisclosed location since being captured following the Dino-Day Disaster, which has led to 85 deaths (five more have died since the initial reports).  Her trial was moved away from New Romford, partially because she would not receive a fair trial there, but mostly to avoid provoking any further pain and suffering to residents in New Romford.  The trial was moved to New York soon after her capture.

Now federal prosecutors and the State Department are debating if Dinosaur Queen should be put on trial at all.  Sources inside the State Department have heard strong arguments for sending her to the supervillain wing of Guantanamo Bay.  There, she would be kept with fewer legal restrictions regarding criminal law or human rights.

Surprisingly, most New Romforders want Dinosaur Queen to stand trial in New York.  A recent poll showed 59% support a public trial.  “I think it shows a faith in the legal system to do its job,” said legal expert Burt Montana.  “I think people want to see her on TV, on trial answering for her crimes.  If you send her to Guantanamo or some other far off gulag, then you’re not going to get the same satisfaction.”

For now, Dinosaur Queen will remain wherever she is until the State Department makes its decision.