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Hellena Sentenced to 40 Years


By Chase Chapley

After returning from a losing bid in International Time Court, Hellena was sentenced to 40 years in prison for stealing an experimental device from ATOM Labs.

Hellena, an alternate timeline version of Titana, returned to New Romford from Paris after all nine Time Judges denied her request to be tried by them rather than New Romford City Court.  The Time Judges were not persuaded by her attorney’s arguments.  Neither was the jury, as they only needed five minutes deliberation to render a guilty verdict.

This time, Hellena didn’t rush to attack the judge, largely because she was bound by more powerful restraints.  In fact, she appeared to be despondent during the trial, and she did not take the stand.  It’s possible Hellena was resigned to her fate, as there was video and pictures taken from ATOM Labs and Bayland Amusement Park, or she was trying to play on the jury’s sympathy.  Her attorney did open and close with her time-displaced nature.

Either way, the jury rendered a unanimous guilty verdict, and Judge Caroline de Costa sentenced Hellena to serve 40 years in Granite Prison with possibility for parole in 20 years.

Titana was also in attendance but didn’t take the stand either.  According to those in attendance, Titana and Hellena met eyes only once, and that was when Hellena was being escorted out of the courtroom after the trial.  Titana did not answer any questions.