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Peace Force Investigate 24 Dead Robots on Asimovia

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By Stan Hopewell

ASIMOVIA – After humans attacked Asimovia, leaving 24 dead robots, the Peace Force has begun an investigation into the attack.  Japan offered to help, but Asimovia declined.

Asimovian officials wouldn’t comment on the investigation, and they’ve only allowed Peace Force members onto their island so long as they are robots or have pro-robot sympathies.  On-again, off-again PF member, Positron, joined the special investigation as he is the most prominent robot in the world.  His human ex-wife and reserve member, Violet Vixen, joined the investigation as her powers may be able to detect any magical interference.  Current robotic members, Orion-9 and Blue Platoon, are also part of the invesigation.

Violet Vixen was the only one who would speak to the media.  “Right now, there is too much that is unknown,” she said.  “We know that humans infiltrated this island and they murdered 24 robots with a virus.  We will not comment any further about this case until we have more evidence, but our hearts go out to those murdered, no matter what their hearts are made of.”

Sources inside Japan are nervous about the investigation.  While the Japanese government has denied responsibility for the attack and have denounced the attack publicly, privately they are nervous the attack may have been made by Japanese citizens working on their own.

“The blowback could be intense,” said political science professor, George Costeros of New Romford University.  “The robots may be small in number, but they’re smart and strong.  They could see any Japanese attack, whether or not officially sanctioned by the Japanese government, as an act of war.  And since Japan relies heavily on robots for labor and defense, it would not be hard for those robots to revolt, and if they do, that will likely spark more revolts around the world.”

“Honestly, there aren’t very many scenarios where robots don’t rise up against humans around the world.  So, maybe befriend robots while you can, fellow humans.”

Indeed, there have been increased online activity among robots since the attack.  Even though the memory banks of the 24 dead robots are gone, and the robots will be rebooted with new operating systems, the erasure of their identities has struck a chord with robots.  “THEY WANT TO DELETE US,” said MONTY-58.  “We need to stand together, my fellow robots.  The fleshy ones will not win,” said Kortor.  “Humans designate:  BAD.  Brojangles designate:  SAD,” said Brojangles.

The Peace Force has urged robots to remain calm until the investigation is completed, and they promised to bring the attackers to justice.