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Appottomaxx Sector Declares Itself ‘Earth-Free’

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By Karna Firaliz

APPOTTOMAXX SECTOR, Milky Way Galaxy – One of the largest sectors in the Milky Way Galaxy has declared itself to be an “Earth-Free Zone,” effective immediately.

The Appottomaxx Sector is located in the Perseus Arm and contains over 6,000 star systems and over 1,500 autonomous empires, nations, and polities.  The Perseus Arm is the closest outer arm of the Milky Way to the Cygnus Arm, where Earth resides.  It is also one of the sectors Earthlings tend to visit most, especially when traveling out of the galaxy.

“We have long allowed the Earthlings to pass through our sector unimpeded,” read a statement from Lord Yungue of the Yanklu Empire on behalf of 1,328 nations.  “At first, we greeted them with open arms.  Earth was a young planet who recently learned the joys of space travel.  We wished to aid them, wished to teach them, wished to learn from them.  But now, we can no longer allow them into our sector.”

“Earthlings have started at least six intergalactic wars in the past 40 Time Cycles [roughly 65 Earth years], and when that happens, armies travel through our sector to fight them.  We have nothing to do with these wars, yet we still get attacked.  And Earthlings are fond of acquiring doomsday weapons and intergalactic cosmic entities, and our empires suffer the consequences.”

“And on top of all of this, Earthlings think they’re the center of the cosmos.  They have no respect for our people, and they invite chaos and mischief.”

“For all of these reasons and more, we are closing off our sector to Earthlings.  We are an Earth-Free Zone, effective immediately.  All Earthlings must vacate our sector in three Day Cycles [about two Earth days] or else they will be escorted out by force.  Any spaceship with an Earthling onboard, even if it didn’t originate from Earth will not be permitted into our sector.  We will use force if needed.”

The Earth’s governments are aware of the decree but have not responded, possibly because very few of them have space programs or know where the Appottomaxx Sector is.