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LA Gridlock: The Amazings Defeat Monster from the Breach

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By Buffy Bolivar

LOS ANGELES – The Amazings arrived in Los Angeles this morning and, after closing the failed wormhole in Gardena, began to assess the gridlock before being attacked by monsters from the Breach.

Landing their Amazing Plane in the Griffith Observatory, one of the few neutral areas in the Greater Los Angeles Nations, the original Amazings (Dr. Amazing, Snow Woman, Mr. Bigg, and Miss Terror) began to assess the damage caused by the gridlock.  Snow Woman used her snow powers to put out some fires and then freeze the lava pit, and Miss Terror beat up some Terminator Gang members from terrorizing people in Glendale.  Mr. Bigg threw Dr. Amazing over to the failed wormhole in Gardena while he investigated the Breach.  Dr. Amazing was able to close the wormhole with a device he invented and then rejoined Snow Woman just north of him, and they found Mr. Bigg looking at the Breach.

Thankfully, Dr. Amazing had invented special goggles to combat the thrall of the Breach, so Mr. Bigg wasn’t affected.  Using his giant size, Mr. Bigg tried to remove the people stuck staring into the Breach, but they wouldn’t budge.  Miss Terror rejoined them, and her strength wasn’t able to move them.  “She is coming,” they chanted all the while, and then it changed.  “She is here,” they all screamed in unison.

From the Breach, flying monsters dropped from the sky.  They were pink, purple, and teal creatures with four red eyes, tentacles for mouths, bat-like wings, and various numbers of limbs depending on their color.  The monsters began consuming the enthralled humans, attaching themselves to their heads and absorbing them into their colorful bodies.  The Amazings fought off as many as they could, but the aging superheroes were outnumbered.  Then the Mother arrived.

The Mother, whose name was unpronounceable as it didn’t contain vowels any human could speak, was gold and ten times bigger than her children.  Mr. Bigg punched her in her tentacle mouth because of course he would, but it made her angry.  The Mother ate her children, gaining their strength in the process and growing in size.  The Amazings were on the ropes.

The ensuing battle destroyed much of west Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, largely due to Mr. Bigg staying in giant form.  Snow Woman and Miss Terror had more success freezing parts of the Mother’s body and punching her in the joints.  Dr. Amazing left for several minutes, and he returned with the bees of Leimert Park in tow.

Using another one of his gizmos, Dr. Amazing transformed the bees into dark bees.  In a risky move, he somehow ordered the dark bees to attack the Mother, and their dark stings disintegrated the Mother’s body.  The Amazings fought to keep the Mother from escaping, and with each sting, the Mother disintegrated.  One by one, the humans absorbed by the monsters fell from her body, and Snow Woman created a snow bank to catch them.

Eventually, the dark bees had disintegrated enough of the Mother to make her just a head.  Dr. Amazing called off the dark bees, turning them back into normal bees, and they all buzzed away.  Snow Woman put the Mother’s head on ice, and Dr. Amazing transported it to a pocket dimension for safe keeping.  All of the humans caught in the thrall woke up, dazed and confused but no worse for wear.  Now, all the Amazings had to do was figure out how to close the Breach, but Dr. Amazing admitted he didn’t know how to do that.