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Pacifica Wins Election, Independence

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By Stan Hopewell

ATLANTIS —  In a historic election, Pacifica has won its independence in a landslide victory, 68% pro-independence, 30% anti-independence, 2% indifferent.

After the revelation of Atlantean General Jor Q’Rell staging the Laval attack on the Atlantis-Pacifica meeting, and possible time travel shenanigans, King Morn A’Ganor of Atlantis agreed to hold an election to determine the fate of Pacifican independence.  Some political observers worried that two weeks was too little time to hold an election, but it went off without a hitch.

“I’ll say this about Atlanteans,” said Luis Mendoza, Political Science Professor at University of Panama, “they are very efficient.  Their communications network is incredibly advanced, even in the remotest parts of the oceans, and two weeks was the perfect timeframe for this.  They got in and out, quick and easy.  If only more overland governments could do this, it’d save us all so much headache.”

The polls for Pacifica independence began in the 50-55% range but quickly rose to 65-75% when the polls included Quornians (the Indian Ocean province).  Quornia was especially interested in Pacifican independence as they have also wanted their independence for years.  Even most Atlanteans were in favor of Pacifican independence as a cost-cutting measure.  Maintaining the world’s largest empire has put a financial strain on Atlantis for decades.

The results from the election were accepted by King A’Ganor.  “It’s a historic day for Atlantis and Pacifica,” he said in a statement.  “Most nations have to fight wars for their independence, but there will be no war in the oceans.  I accept the mandate from all of my people, and we will begin the process of independence in the coming months.  I congratulate Viceroy Montae and Pacifica on their victory.”

“Today, a dream has come true,” said Viceroy Montae.  “Our great nation of Pacifica has won its freedom.  There were days I never thought this would happen, and I want to thank King Morn for working with us to fulfill our dream.  I also want to thank everyone who voted for independence and my staff for working hard to get out the vote.  I look forward to working Atlantis to make a smooth transition to independence and to working with Atlantis in the future as equals.”

The actual process of granting Pacifica their freedom will likely take several months.  Resources will have to be divided, border and trade agreements will need to be written, and the Pacifican government will have to be formed.  All indications show Pacifica will use a parliamentary system.

But for now, there is elation, and peace, in the Pacific Ocean.