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BREAKING: Titana and Positron Destroy Barbarian Orb, Return City to Normal (Again) (For Now)

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  • BREAKING: Titana and Positron Destroy Barbarian Orb, Return City to Normal (Again) (For Now)

barbarian castle

By Chase Chapley

After tangling with barbarians at the Seaside Castle, Titana and Positron destroyed a barbarian orb by throwing it into the sun, returning the city and citizens back to normal (again).

Hundreds of people magically turned back into barbarians tonight after prolonged exposure to various barbarian artifacts left over from Vrog’s brief reign over New Romford.  They became violent and began to loot and pillage as they headed to the Seaside Castle.  The area around the Seaside Castle began to turn into various barbarian buildings, barracks, and homes, and when the NRPD tried to stop them, they turned into barbarians.

A team of five or six Peace Force members joined the battle, and they too turned into barbarians, except for Titana and Positron.  Titana possess magical resistance thanks to her armor and natural Amazonian physiology, and Positron could not be turned into a barbarian since he’s an android.  The other Peace Force members could not be confirmed in the battle, and the Peace Force would not specify who was there.

Titana and Positron proved to be more than enough against the increasing barbarian army.  The battle became difficult when their teammates were thrown into the mix, but they were no match for Titana.  Positron found the source of the magical energy in the Seaside Castle, buried under ten feet of stone.  They fought their way to the stone and broke it free.

Realizing that breaking it into pieces on Earth would only start this whole ordeal over again, Positron proposed a better idea:  throw it into the sun.  So he did, and everyone turned back to normal.

The Seaside Castle crumbled to the ground, and every barbarian magically turned back into who they were before the battle.  Every barbarian artifact also magically disappeared, and no one knows where they went, which is distressing.  ATOM Labs said they were going to monitor this much more closely this time.

For now, the city is back to normal.  Again.  For now.