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Michelle Meyers Pleads Guilty to All Charges

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By Falco Rockbert

In a court hearing this morning, Michelle Meyers pleaded guilty to all charges set against her, including kidnapping, conspiracy, and false endangerment.

Meyers, the former Channel 9 News reporter, pleaded guilty to kidnapping a female associate of Adonis several weeks ago.  She also admitted to hiring 7 supervillains to pretend to capture here so that Adonis would “save” her from them.  Court documents show that Meyers and Adonis had a relationship that went bad some years ago.

The guilty pleas were part of a plea deal with Meyers and the District Attorney’s office.  The deal was contingent on Meyers cooperating with the NRPD with investigations on the operations of the supervillains she hired and the communication networks she used to hire them.  In return, Meyers would receive a shorter sentence.

Michelle Meyers will spend the next 20 years in medium-security prison with possibility for parole in 10 years based on good behavior.

Adonis did not comment on the proceedings.  The Peace Force in a statement said, “We’re all glad this has reached a conclusion.  Adonis is currently out on patrol, and understandably, he has a lot on his mind.  We ask that you please respect his privacy for the time being, and we will not be taking any further questions on this matter.”