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LA Gridlock: The Amazings End the Gridlock with Pocket Dimension But Can’t Close the Breach

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  • LA Gridlock: The Amazings End the Gridlock with Pocket Dimension But Can’t Close the Breach

By Buffy Bolivar

LOS ANGELES – After what seems like months of strife, the original Amazings have ended the gridlock that turned the Greater Los Angeles area into a dozens of nations.

“It was a bit more difficult than I thought,” said Dr. Amazing.  “There were so many vehicles blockading roads and intersections, so we couldn’t just unclog them.  Where would we put the vehicles?  Anywhere we put them would just let the whole thing get reclogged, never mind that we couldn’t lift all of these vehicles just by ourselves.”

“Then I remembered I had access to pocket dimensions.”

Just like how they defeated Mother from the Breach, the Amazings defeated LA’s gridlock by stowing all of the cars, trucks, vans, and semis away in a pocket dimension, albeit a one uninhabited by Mother.  Splitting up into teams of two, the Amazings used one of Dr. Amazing’s gizmos to teleport thousands of vehicles into a pocket dimension.  After a day’s work, roughly half of every vehicle on the roads of LA were no longer of this Earth.

Without half the capacity, traffic was able to finally move.  People were able to head home, but there was still the problem of all the would-be royals in each “nation.”  Luckily, the West Coast Peace Force returned from space to help beat back the bats, Disney Land Overlords, and James Cameron cosplayers.  These communities were damaged to varying degrees, but overall, people were able to return home and reunite with loved ones.

“It seems like years have passed since I’ve seen my kids,” said Marc Helms of Anaheim, who was stuck in Fredistan for reasons he doesn’t wish to disclose.  “Somehow my kids survived the Disney Land-Knott’s Berry Farm War, and I’m just grateful to be with them.”

“But I still don’t understand why my backyard is filled with dead bats wearing mouse ears.”

As for the vehicles in the pocket dimension, they were brought back in stages to our dimension after the traffic had cleared out.  The West Coast Peace Force helped to maintain order, which was easy given that everyone just wanted to go home.

Unfortunately, the Breach could not be closed, and Dr. Amazing said it might stay open for the foreseeable future.  He will pull in scientists from around the world to close it, but for now, he has only one suggestion for how to deal with it.

“Just don’t look at it too long,” he said.