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The End of the NRFP

By Greg Thelen

Hello, everybody.  It’s me, the actual writer of all of these joke articles on the NRFP.  I’m sad to say that this is end of the road for the NRFP.  There will be no more stories after now.

This fake news site started out as an idea to expand the world of Amanda Green, SIA.  Back in 2012, I had big, grand ideas for that comic and how to flesh out that world.  Since Marili Ramirez and I were creating a superhero universe from scratch, a fake news site set within that world seemed like a perfect way to continue that creation without needlessly impeding on the comic.  And the stories were funny, so why the heck not?  It was fun.

But I was doing this all by myself, and I had to brainstorm 10 ideas to get at least one good idea that made it online.  At first, it seemed like a challenge I could meet.  As time wore on, though, it became clear that not only couldn’t I meet that challenge, I was no longer having fun.  It was at that point, sometime in mid to late 2016, that I decided to end the NRFP.

Now, Amanda Green, SIA, will continue, probably for many years to come.  And I am planning on beginning a Patreon and doing some things there to flesh out the world of Amanda Green, SIA.  I’m not taking down this website anytime soon, so you can still enjoy any of my goofy stories for the foreseeable future.

So, this is it.  You may follow me on Twitter and read all of my comics on my website.  Thank you to Marili and Martin Clinch for drawing my weird pictures!  Thank you for reading my goofy stories!