The New Romford Free Press

Your most superheroic news source.


The New Romford Free Press is New Romford’s most superheroic news source.  Founded in 1976, the NRFP has committed itself to providing the most in-depth and important news stories to more than 30 million people on a daily basis.

Originally founded by Gerald McCoy as a small independent newspaper on June 8, 1976, the NRFP has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.  By 1981, it had begun circulating over 100,000 copies a day, and by 1989, it was in the hands of over 500,000 people each morning.  Our commitment to excellence brought the citizens of New Romford a unique perspective on local and national events.  When a disaster occurred or a supervillain attacked, we were there to not just report on the facts but to show the impact of such events on the non-superpowered populace.  The NRFP was recognized for several awards in the late 90s and early 00s, and entering the 2010s, the NRFP can be read by millions of people, superpowered or not, all over the globe and solar system.

As the world changes, we hope that you will turn to The New Romford Free Press for your news.  We will continue to report what is happening and how it affects you.