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Atlantean Dishes Just In Time for Atlantis Meetings

By Julia Crumpleman As the Atlantis-Peace Force Meetings get underway tomorrow, at least one New Romforder is embracing their culture via their food.  Elizabeth Schumacher, head chef of Amethyst in LoDo, has debuted a new Atlantean menu today. “Atlantean cuisine is so foreign to us land-lubbers,” Schumacher said.  “We think we know seafood, but we know so very little.  They eat creatures that we’ve never even seen.  It just fascinates me.” Crafting an Atlantean menu… Read More

Man Doesn’t Gain Superpowers After Fall into Vat of Chemicals

By Muffy Borgeron It was a strange day at ATOM Labs when maintenance worker, Gil Heredia, fell into a vat of chemicals but did not gain superpowers. Heredia, 54, was making his normal rounds of the day when he entered one of the many chemical storage rooms.  A longtime ATOM Labs employee, he is usually careful, said his manager Lauren Paladio, but accidents happen.  “Gil was mopping up the walkway that goes over the vats… Read More

Future Farm Tower One Complete

by Packie Williams Future Farm, Tower One, is completed and open for business according to Martin Grainger, a.k.a. Dr. Amazing.  The 120-floor skyscraper is the first of five structures in Heights Park.  It is a project funded by billionaire industrialist Thomas McDowell and designed by Dr. Amazing aimed at producing food for the city of New Romford by using limited space. “One of the greatest challenges we as humanity will have to face,” said Dr.… Read More