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Ask Julia: Telepathic Protection

By Julia Crumpleman Today’s question comes from Brandon: Dear Julia, I keep seeing these flyers for “telepathic protection classes.”  Are these worth the money, or are they just scams? Good question, Brandon!  Telepathy is a tricky subject to tackle, even for superheroes.  U.N. estimates there are about 200 telepaths in the world, maybe more, making up a very small portion of the world’s population.  The majority of these people are low-level telepaths with limited range… Read More

Ask Julia: Moving to New Romford

By Julia Crumpleman Today’s question comes from Nora: Dear Julia, my husband and I just moved into our new home here in New Romford, the Norwoods borough, specifically Holland.  We’ve done a lot of research on our own about the big city, but we hardly ever get superheroes in Indiana.  What should we do to protect ourselves and our home?  Thanks! Nora, let me be the first to welcome you to New Romford!  Moving here… Read More